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Western Home Journal prides itself in developing and enhancing the relationships that make up the luxury mountain home architecture, construction, and design community. In keeping with our own mission of helping people bring their dreams home, we wanted to celebrate female leadership and amplify women’s voices in what is traditionally viewed as a male-dominated industry. While altering communication styles and navigating imposter syndrome might come to mind as issues that professional women frequently navigate, the leaders we’ve selected show us that there is no set formula for being successful and inspiring.

In the spirit of truly honoring these women, we also wanted to explore the different identities they take on personally and professionally, and how they find personal satisfaction while balancing work with a multitude of other roles and responsibilities including being mothers, partners, and coaches. From interior design to real estate and office management, their work speaks for itself. We are honored to have the opportunity to spotlight their accomplishments and share a little more about what makes them so special. Above all, their stories remind us that groundbreaking work in our industry is not reserved just for men.



Anne Buresh Interior Design

Anne Buresh Interior Design is an award-winning, full-service interior design firm that delivers a personalized experience in creating beautiful sanctuaries. With offices in Charlotte, North Carolina, and Jackson Hole, Wyoming, Anne brings a passion for defining each client’s unique taste to every project. Her signature style blends Southern charm with traces of a well-traveled lifestyle. For over a decade, Anne has focused on collaborations that involve a wide variety of projects ranging from new builds to large-scale renovations. Anne’s design process is built to ensure that all budgets, schedules, and key decisions are communicated with complete clarity. Above all, her inspiration supports holistic well-being that merges chic style with timeless serenity. She does not believe in a “one size fits all” mentality but works to tailor her designs to meet her clients’ specific interests and wishes. Anne Buresh believes your home should be the best reflection of you.

“The relationships I’ve formed have broadened my design perspective and continue to inspire me.”

–Anne Buresh, Anne Buresh Interior Design


whj: How did you get your professional start? How did you grow your business?

I have always seen the world through a creative lens. My grandmother was an interior designer from eastern North Carolina, which is where I first discovered my love of design. My fascination continued to flourish as I learned more about the craft behind creating beautiful interiors. The passion came first, and my career in interior design was destined to follow. In 2008, I launched my firm, Anne Buresh Interior Design. From the beginning, I prioritized the many relationships that sparked from my new career path. From clients to vendors to tradespeople, I collaborated and developed a keen attention to detail. My eye gravitates toward artistic culture and my love of travel. I now merge Southern charm with a Western influence, which was how I expanded my design business out West in Jackson Hole, Wyoming.

whj: How do you continue to grow the team that helps you get the job done?

My business dynamic is shaped towards a universal support system of vendors, clients, tradespeople, employees, and friends along the way. Beautiful relationships spark beautiful designs, and I am passionate about forming authentic partnerships with those around me. These long-lasting relationships have enabled me to be a leader and mentor in the interior design industry. I lead my team with organized strategy, purpose, and gratitude, while having fun along the way. After a design project is completed, we have a celebratory toast with our clients to celebrate the success. We should always make time to celebrate each other!

whj: Is there a moment you’re par-ticularly proud of in your career?

The relationships I’ve formed have broadened my design perspective and continue to inspire me. Participating and winning “Best Interior Design” in the Western Design Conference in Jackson Hole was a large success. It was the beginning of a new design journey, studio space, team, and diverse clientele that called for monthly travels across the country. In essence, I broke regional borders and I found a way to make a deeper design statement across North America.

whj: How are you involved in the community outside of work?

I’m a nurturer by nature and interior designer by trade, which recently led me to become involved with Furnished for Good in Charlotte, North Carolina. This nonprofit organization allows interior designers to utilize their talents to create a showhouse that raises money and collects furniture for underprivileged families in the Charlotte community. The Anne Buresh Interior Design team is extremely excited to be a part of such an amazing event and extend our talents to those in need. Interior design has the ability to transform lifestyles and can create a safe, comfortable space to call home.

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