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Tyrel was raised in a foundry environment. He honed the craft of his art sculpt-casting monuments. His first gallery show was in 2016. He has built an expansive following including write ups in Mountain Living Magazine and Cowboys and Indians. He strives to create art that shares a universal narrative through a specific moment. His work is on exhibit at Rare Gallery in Jackson, Wy.
Tyrel Johnson
Tyrel Johnson Fine Art
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Billings, Montana

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Continuance of Action

When I created, “Continuance of Action,” I wanted to create something that showcased the power, and the necessity, of persistence. Persistence is a many-faceted word that touches on everything from attaining our goals to perseverance in the face of unrelenting hardship. Regardless of the reason this Shire horse bears this burden, it is still his to bear. He puts his head down and he grinds, because the only way is forward.

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Gratitude was inspired by the symbiotic harmony of the woman with the world that sustains her and the gratitude she has towards the bison which will provide sustenance for her and her family. Gratitude takes many forms, but whatever form it takes, at its core is respect.
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The Huntress
I combined the bronze figures in this piece with wenge and walnut burl. I wanted to break away from traditional depictions of a scene like this, and have the deer cresting a hill. The Huntress stands below, naked except for her bow, on lower ground, vulnerable and powerful. I shaped this display to feel like a museum piece, to subconsciously convey a familiarity to things of value and importance.
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A Bird in the Hand

A truth I have realized in my life is that wisdom comes with age and experience. This piece, “A Bird in the Hand,” represents a part of my growth as an artist. Whatever your chosen passion may be, you may start down your path with confidence, but encounter failures as you struggle to define your success. Those failures form the outlines of our successes, even though we may be blind to that fact as the answer sits in our hands.

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Horse of Another Color
Sculpted with bronze, utilizing a reclaimed beam for the base. This sculpture highlights the most basic dichotomy of the human condition, the balance of the good and the bad, the yes and the no. Our decisions have consequence and the complicated framework of morality and experience that governs them is a continuum, not a finely divided binary.
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Undivided Love
Persistence through life’s trials is a consistent theme in my life and my art. The triumph of love and of the human spirit is at its highest when contrasted to the trials it endures. The greatest compliment I have received from an inspirational subject was what the model for “Undivided Love” shared with me, “When I look at “Undivided love” I am absolutely mesmerized by its genuine-beauty radiating from the bronze and the seamless authenticity that perfectly mirrors the love between horse and rider. I have never seen a more accurate depiction of Lucca’s and my bond. I dreamed of a horse like him as a little girl, and after a very traumatic barn fire that took the lives of two of my horses, he found his way into my life. He was a wild colt and I was young and wounded when we first met. Our journey together has blossomed and grown over the years into what you see today.”
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