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Driven by a passion for Native Culture stories, legends and mythology, fine art carver, Keoni, re-imagines wood as woven and beaded basketry. Using sharpened steel, fire, inks and organic dyes, he creates story-driven artwork illusions entirely by-hand/freehand with Sugar Maple as his canvas working in traditional and contemporary western styles. 3x a WDC award winner, Smithsonian artist 2020 & 2021, By-Western-Hands artisan and 2018 CM Russell Museum exhibitor.
Keoni Wood Fine Art
United States

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Wood re-imagined. One-of-a-kind. ~12"d x 10"h.

"Missouri Magic"
Wood re-imagined. One-of-a-kind. ~14"d (w/ turquoise nugget center accent & turquoise inlay). Cherry burl w/turquoise nugget and inlay. Wall or tabletop display.
Wood re-imagined. Limited Edition. ~10"d (w/ center bear claw & turquoise accents) Red Mallee burl from Australia, two gifted gear claw, turquoise nugget. Tabletop display.
"Flower Moon"

Smithsonian commemorative limited edition. Wood. ~10"d. Tabletop or wall display.

"Autumn Mist"
Wood re-imagined, turquoise inlay. ~11"d x 13"h One-of-a-kind.
"Grandfather Wind"
Wood re-imagined
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