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Boggs Backgammon Board

The Boggs backgammon board is truly a marvel; it pushes the limits of design while paying homage to game’s 5000-year history. But most importantly, it allows for a gameplay experience unlike any other. As opposed to other boards, with a rounded edge and square playing surface, ours is entirely rounded. The effect this has on the game is substantial. The field is much larger than the typical board, measuring 30”, allowing for more of a tournament-style play, where there is more room for the dice to be thrown, for that delightful chaos to be rendered.

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Herron Dining chair
With your comfort in mind, Brian Boggs designed this upholstered chair to support you exactly where and how you need support. Luxurious and light, the simple lines of the Herron chair pair well with traditional, modern or contemporary interiors. Suitable for the dining room as well as living room lounging, this comfortable chair serves elegance wherever it lands. A solid structure backs up this padded seat covered with our fabric, specially selected for its complement to the wood species. You may also customize further by selecting your own fabric. Combining thirty-eight years of chair design with his extensive knowledge of ergonomics, Brian Boggs presents his innovative twist on the upholstered chair, the Herron chair. Please enjoy.
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Sunniva Swing
Elegantly comfortable, our deluxe porch swing cradles you for ultimate relaxation. Inspired by the flowing curves of Asian timber frame architecture, the design fits seamlessly into your outdoor destination. When attached to its optional cantilevered stand, the swing sways on silent bushings to allow for uninterrupted contemplation of your landscape. Premium wood selection and precision joinery contribute to the weatherproofing of this functional masterpiece of garden architecture.
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Cio rocker

Enjoy the embrace of the Cio Rocking Chair. Allow it to cradle you, following your form as precisely as possible from the top of the back to the front of the seat. With slats that conform to the thoracic and lumbar curves in three dimensions and an innovative seat which removes pressure, consider this your most heavenly place to recline while visiting, reading or relaxing with a glass of wine.

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Crescent table
In our Crescent Table, a play of curves elevates the round top in an elegant reflection of nature, grounding the dining surface solidly while allowing maximum leg room. The Crescent table is a round pedestal dining table. Square rooms, intimate spaces, and impressive meeting rooms all benefit from the inclusivity of this circular table. Create a unique meeting or dining experience for your guests.
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Ambroisa Maple Lily bar stools
Our Lily bar stool features a sculpted seat and back to generously support the human body. The result of decades of ergonomic study, this bar stool assists your body as it finds perfect posture. Adaptable to a low counter or custom bar, this contemporary stool adds a sophisticated element to any dining or kitchen space.
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