Northern Lights Steel Sculpture

I create sculptures from as much recycled material as possible. Used farm equipment is preferred. My goal is to transform discarded items into another life in another form.
Curtis Wiesz
Northern Lights Steel Sculpture

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Created to be an iconic symbol of days gone by. This item was assembled using a wide variety of recycled steel from equipment used on my farm in ND. Sentinel is a tribute to species that came within inches of extinction to the numbers that we enjoy to this day.

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Wind In Hair
Wind In Hair is a wild mustang in full stride with ears pinned, nostrils flared and mouth open to take in more air as it races across the open landscape.
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Winter Remnant
Winter Remnants is a tribute to the unforgiving climate and brutal results of a long winter.
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The eye of the sky is designed to be a female eagle returning to perch on an isolate branch using its full wing span to break it descent.

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A resting tribute to the many fields grown throughout the country. The sculpture is built entirely with recycled equipment used on my ND farm.
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It is an aggressive pollinator going about everyday activities. Hummingbird is built completely out of farm and construction equipment.
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