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“Nurturing ourselves while sharing our lives with others is a balancing act for all of us. We promote self-confidence and self-care with the joy and comfort you get from wearing our Albrea unique, soft, luxurious handmade apparel, and how beautiful it makes you feel, or the security you feel with our naturally weighted, almost addictive throws or cocoons.” ~Rachelle Albrecht + Laurie Hansen~
Rachelle Albrecht + Laurie Hansen
Albrea Fashion
(435) 590-8579
Cedar City, Utah

Current works

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Outerwear -
Black "Albrea Wrap"

Over 12 square yards of extremely soft, black thin minky fabric is handmade into this luxurious shawl.

Fur'M -
Gray "Albrea Wrap"
Our patent pending stitching pattern, sewn with elastic thread, creates a unique puckering stretchable fabric, then designed to make an elegant stole.
Fur'M -
Cream "Albrea Wrap"
This wrap actually gives you a bit of a hug you when you are using it, and can be calming and comforting.
Wedding dress - Dress
Tan "Albrea Wrap"

A unique puckering stretchable fabric is designed to make an elegant, luxurious, warm stole that can be used for black-tie formal events, proms, or as a shawl for casual wear.

Brown "Albrea Wrap"
12 square yards of a soft, slightly olive brown fabric is handmade into this luxurious shawl. Used for black-tie formal events, proms, or as a shawl for casual wear.
Yellow "Albrea Short Wrap"
10 square yards of fabric is handmade into a fun wrap for smaller women and girls.


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