John Gallis Norseman Designs West

Norseman Designs West

Juried Artist, Booth Exhibitor, Previous Exhibitor

John Gallis
3532 Cottonwood Avenue
Cody, Wyoming 82414

“I enjoy working with different woods,” John Galllis says. “Like people, they have different characteristics and scents. You shouldn’t try to change a person into something he’s not; I try not to machine the wood so much that you forget it was once a tree.”  Influenced by Shaker and Art Norseman styles, John is known for his choice of materials, his tendency to carve edges, and his preference for curved lines over straight. “A lot of this wood I slice myself,” he says; “I’m the first person to see the grain.”  John has more than forty-four years of woodworking experience and has won numerous awards at the Western Design Conference.