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The Elyse Allen Textiles studio is a small homegrown knitwear studio in downtown Manhattan, where Elyse and her team design and produce cashmere accessories. We carefully knit, wash, felt, steam, finish, block, hand sew, meticulously seam, embellish, and painstakingly make each piece by hand with love. Everything that comes out of the studio is made with care and made to stand the test of time. We believe in wasting nothing and caring about everything.

Elyse herself is a Pennsylvania born, New York City based textile artist and designer. She studied Sculpture and Textile Design at the Rhode Island School of Design, where she later taught and lectured in the Textile Department. Her recent work focuses on embellished knit textiles in diverse forms, from cashmere studded accessories to elaborate mixed media animal masks.

Elyse’s work has been featured in a range of publications, including Selvedge, Vice Magazine, Nylon, and the Financial Times. Elyse’s great love for color, pattern and embellishment are recurring elements in all of her wearable and sculptural work. She seeks out and knits with the highest quality materials available, like Scottish cashmere, and embellishes with Swarovski crystals. She blends colors to create new palettes that activate, give depth and breathe life into the surfaces she creates.

Elyse comes from a long lineage of Austrian artists and designers. Her grandmother Frankie was an architect and an accomplished hand knitter, her aunts painters and sculptors, her mother an illustrator, photographer, amazing cook and all around fashionista. Elyse’s great-grandfather Isaac was an eccentric textile designer who invented the zipper. NO! Not the zipper, the zipper-foot.

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