Matt Wanner Burns Saddlery

Burns Saddlery

Juried Artist, Booth Exhibitor

Burns Saddlery
Danna Burns-Shaw and Matt Wanner
79 W. Main St.
Salina, UT 84654

Artist Description

Matt Wanner has been working for Burns Saddlery, a 142-year-old family business, since he was 16 years old. This award-winning saddle is his most challenging work to date. Only a hand full of saddle makers have been able to complete such a difficult project, the reason being, the saddle seat, skirt, full jockey, is out of one piece of leather with no seams. Matt engineered, designed, stained/colored, laced, tooled, and completed the entire saddle on his own. However, he has had 10 years of valuable mentoring from several remarkable saddle-makers. Matt, at the young age of 36, has been Burns Saddlery’s head saddle-maker for the past ten years.

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