Antler Design Concepts

Antler Design Concepts is a Canadian company offering a world class collection of beautiful hand poured replicas of rare and unique wild Canadian shed Whitetail deer antlers in Recycled American Bronze and Canadian Stainless Steel. Our goal at the outset was to produce a gallery quality collectible that has a remarkable permanence, allowing these found objects to be appreciated for generations to come. 15% off PROMO for all Western Design Conference customers!
Antler Design Concepts
Alberta, Canada

Current works

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ADC#5 Bronze - Black Patina with Gold Highlight

Piece shown on a Steel Post and Plate

ADC#2 Bronze - High Polish
Piece shown on an Oiled Walnut Plinth
ADC#3 Stainless Steel - High Polish
Piece shown on an Ebonized Oiled Walnut Plinth
ADC#7 Bronze - Black Crackle Patina

Piece shown on a Steel Post and Plate

ADC#11 Bronze - Canadian Winter White Matte Powder Coat
Piece shown on a Post and Black Granite Chipped Edge Base
ADC#6 Bronze - Silver Nitrate Patnia with Hot Wax Gloss Finish
Piece shown on a Post and White Carrara Marble Base

Brian Crandall Unique Metal Art

All my work is hand forged via hammer and anvil. I create functional and decorative art with up cycled horseshoes from my farrier practice in Western Colorado and Eastern Utah. No two pieces are ever identical. Custom creations are always available.
Brian Crandall
Brian Crandall Unique Metal Art
970 260-6411
Loma, Colorado

Current works

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Wine Truck

A 5' long truck silhouette capable of holding 6 bottles of wine made from recycled horseshoes and farrier tools

A 4.5' long horse posed in a sling stop
Big Horn Battle
7' long silhouette with 3D horns
The Cowboy Rides Away

2.5' long made motorcycle made from recycled horseshoes and farrier tools

Silent Sentry
full scale horse bust made exclusively from used horseshoes
Cottonwood Coffee Table
The most unique coffee table constructed of an overturned cottonwood stump cradled by horseshoes with a glass top allowing for depth of the wood to accentuate this functional conversation piece

Devin Rowe Bronze

Devin Rowe is a bronze artist whose deep understanding and appreciation of nature comes from having spent his life hunting, fishing and studying wildlife. Devin graduated from Oregon State University in 1992 with a degree in Art. His strong background of knowledge and artistic insights of nature are captured in his bronzes, which are rich with timeless beauty and life-like personality.
Devin Rowe
Devin Rowe Bronze
(541) 979-9435
Albany, Oregon

Current works

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Crossing the Zambezi

Elephant Bronze

Moonlight Symphony
Life size geese with ring
Whispering Wings
Pintail Ducks
Riverbank Boss


Leap of Faith
Wolf & Bighorn Sheep
Life Size Elk
Bugling Elk

How Kola Furniture by Tim Lozier

Furniture. When Tim hears that word, he thinks of creativity. He first started making furniture twenty years ago, building Thomas Molesworth reproductions. To this day, the Molesworth style remains the most popular type of furniture he builds. In 1998 he started his own business, How Kola Furniture and began putting his spin on Molesworth designs. This has given Tim a great deal of creative freedom and plenty of ideas to upgrade his style of furniture.
Tim Lozier
How Kola Furniture by Tim Lozier
307 250 0322
Cody, Wy

Current works

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Modern Molesworth

Rounded arm added to traditional Molesworth Club Chair

Price Upon Request
Molesworth Wingback
Taken from the old. Log wing back with Pendleton Blanket
Price Upon Request
Montana Ranch Bed
Covered with half rounds and sturdy log posts. Carving on head and foot board.
Price Upon Request
Molesworth Burl Club Chair

Standard Club Chair with reversible cushions.

Price Upon Request
Modern plug in Molseworth Side
Plug your phone into your night stand! Two drawers with a carving. Next best thing.
Price Upon Request
Pendleton Pouch
Hand made with Pendleton blanket, waterproof lining.
Price Upon Request

Northern Lights Steel Sculpture

I create sculptures from as much recycled material as possible. Used farm equipment is preferred. My goal is to transform discarded items into another life in another form.
Curtis Wiesz
Northern Lights Steel Sculpture

Current works

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Created to be an iconic symbol of days gone by. This item was assembled using a wide variety of recycled steel from equipment used on my farm in ND. Sentinel is a tribute to species that came within inches of extinction to the numbers that we enjoy to this day.

Price Upon Request
Wind In Hair
Wind In Hair is a wild mustang in full stride with ears pinned, nostrils flared and mouth open to take in more air as it races across the open landscape.
Price Upon Request
Winter Remnant
Winter Remnants is a tribute to the unforgiving climate and brutal results of a long winter.
Price Upon Request

The eye of the sky is designed to be a female eagle returning to perch on an isolate branch using its full wing span to break it descent.

Price Upon Request
A resting tribute to the many fields grown throughout the country. The sculpture is built entirely with recycled equipment used on my ND farm.
Price Upon Request
It is an aggressive pollinator going about everyday activities. Hummingbird is built completely out of farm and construction equipment.
Price Upon Request

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