Beargrass Leather

Long hair - Hair coloring
Beargrass Leather is handmade leather goods using old-world techniques, hand-stitching, lining, edge paint, hair on hide, American bison, cowhide, suede, wool, etc. Specializing in handbags, select clothing, and accessories that symbolize the modern west
Samantha Dankert
Beargrass Leather
Lakeside, MT

Current works

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Handbag - Clothing
Florence in Ivory and Taupe Brindle

The Florence Tote is far from a "basic tote." This bag is made of a gorgeous taupe cowhide and supple ivory leather. This bucket tote has loads of character. It is lined in taupe pigsuede for an elegant tonal effect. Hand-stitching flanks the center of each gusset with Beargrass Leather's signature crossing, saddle stitch. With a spacious 6" structured bottom, it will hold everything you need for the store, a dance recital, or the beach. With solid brass hardware and a reinforced handle, this tote will add character yet look amazing for years, if not decades. This bag is equipped with an 8" wide x 6" tall inner pocket.

Handbag - Shoulder Bag M
Thelma in Deep Rust
The Thelma bag is a tribute to women that like to go their own way. This hand stitched handbag in a deep rust/burgundy leather with ivory thread is sure to be a favorite. A classic shape with versatility, the Thelma Bag is a striking piece sure to add whimsy to your wardrobe. A tribute to classic design and western aesthetics.
Handbag - Product
Persephone in Greige
The Persephone in Greige is the happiest neutral you ever did see! Stone suede and smooth taupe leather perfectly accent the depth of the floral motif. Hand stitched in chocolate brown and topped with two taupe tortoise ring handles. A gorgeous statement bag!
Handbag - Shoulder Bag M
Sadie in Stripes

The Sadie Petite Handbag is the slightly smaller version of our Sadie. However, this version has a set of faux tortoise handles at the top. The leather is made up of Rust/Burgundy as the main color with Navy suede, Honey Bison, Ivory, and Olive stripes. Each stripe is handstitched to the next from seperate pieces of leather. Lined in cream pigsuede, this bag is a true one-of-a-kind. The bag is spacious and durable. Four solid brass feet help protect the bag and keep it stable when set down.

Tote bag - Handbag
Isabelle in Leopard
The Isabelle is a luxurious custom design from Beargrass Leather. It is made of leopard printed cow hair leather with the gussets, back and handles constructed from supple Essex leather. To top it off, the Isabelle is fully lined in cream colored leather. With a leather tote or shoulder-bag this nice, it's great to know that our hand-stitching is durable enough to last a lifetime. The Isabelle you buy will be the Isabelle you see for this listing. Due to the uniqueness of the natural pattern of the hair, each Isabelle will have its own listing.
Handbag - Textile
Zoe in Assorted Suede
Handmade leather goods using old-world techniques, hand-stitching, lining, edge paint, hair on hide, American bison, cowhide, suede, wool, etc. Specializing in handbags, select clothing, and accessories that symbolize the modern west

Beltshazzar Jewels

Theresa’s vibrant outlook is an expression of her life experiences. A modeling career in Europe eventually brought her to London where she apprenticed under a jewelry designer, learning essential skills. Beltshazzar Jewels is a tribute to life and the beauty that surrounds us. A sophisticated collection of handmade jewelry and leather accessories that sweeps a woman effortlessly from day to night, and from urban to outback. Each one-of-a-kind piece is designed to be a treasured companion along the everyday journey that we call LIFE. #AdornmentsForTheVoyage
Theresa Wangia
Beltshazzar Jewels
Saint Louis Missouri

Current works

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Femme ll

Tibetan Tusk on black leather and chunky layered brass chains

Femme lll
Carved Black Antler on black woven Elk leather on pure brass layered chains
Femme lV
Rectangular Ocean Jasper on chunky brass chain
Femme Vl

Horn/tusk brass + leather cuff bracelet

Femme Vll
Carved double horn bone pendant leather statement necklace
Femme V
Green Agate pendant on brass layered chain necklace
$220 is a division of Double U Leather, owned and operated by professional rodeo announcer Wayne Wise of Dublin, TX. If you a collector of fine, unique, Western art, a piece from is a must have. Wayne’s passion for the Western lifestyle come through in each and every piece created. All piece’s are hand drawn and hand carved by Wayne himself, and utilize only the finest Hermann Oak leather.
Wayne Wise
Dublin, TX

Current works

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Mitakuye Oyasin

Price Upon Request
Don't Mess With Texas
Price Upon Request
Weary Warrior
Price Upon Request

Dr. C's Designs

James Ciaravella
Dr. C's Designs
6030 Line Ave. Shreveport Louisiana 71106

Current works

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Custom belts

all made to order in a variety of styles

Price Upon Request
Bronze of Joseph Mediicne Crow measures 18 inches tall on black walnut and granite base that measures 11 1/2 x 11 1/2 inches. Limited edition of 20
Joseph Medicine Crow - Bronze Sculpture
Bronze, painted bronze and horse hair, 22” tall, rotating black walnut pedestal. Limited edition of 35. The last of the war-time chiefs.
Price Upon Request
Medicine Crow

Bronze,noted Crow warrior and chief, grandfather to Joseph Medicine Crow, 14" tall on black walnut base

Buffalo Horn Fireplace Stool
Measuring 19"x12" and 15" high, this stool is supported by polished natural American Bison horns(caps).
Joseph Medicine Crow - Giclee
Enhanced Giclee, 12" x 16", framed.

How Kola Furniture by Tim Lozier

Furniture. When Tim hears that word, he thinks of creativity. He first started making furniture twenty years ago, building Thomas Molesworth reproductions. To this day, the Molesworth style remains the most popular type of furniture he builds. In 1998 he started his own business, How Kola Furniture and began putting his spin on Molesworth designs. This has given Tim a great deal of creative freedom and plenty of ideas to upgrade his style of furniture.
Tim Lozier
How Kola Furniture by Tim Lozier
307 250 0322
Cody, Wy

Current works

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Modern Molesworth

Rounded arm added to traditional Molesworth Club Chair

Price Upon Request
Molesworth Wingback
Taken from the old. Log wing back with Pendleton Blanket
Price Upon Request
Montana Ranch Bed
Covered with half rounds and sturdy log posts. Carving on head and foot board.
Price Upon Request
Molesworth Burl Club Chair

Standard Club Chair with reversible cushions.

Price Upon Request
Modern plug in Molseworth Side
Plug your phone into your night stand! Two drawers with a carving. Next best thing.
Price Upon Request
Pendleton Pouch
Hand made with Pendleton blanket, waterproof lining.
Price Upon Request

Many Tears

Keeping traditional Native American history alive through my work has always been my number one goal. From the first year at WDC my heart knew this was the perfect place to achieve that. Many long time artist feel the same – we all want to keep the “Heart Beat “ of our art “Beating “. Western Design Conference awards: Best of Show, Best Artist Accents, Best Artist Leather, Sonny Tuttle, Western Spirit.
Supaya Gray Wolfe
Many Tears
2675 W. SR 89A #459 , Sedona Arizona 86336

Current works

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Beaded Saddle

Custom order, use your saddle or mine. Price is starting point.

Apache Cloak
2'W x 3'9"L (including fringe), smoked deer hide, hand sewn with sinew, glass beads and 365 hand rolled/aged stamped tin cones.
Bear Hide Dress
4'9"H x 2'8"W, Full size small bear hide, smoked deer hand sewn with sinew, glass beads
Buffalo Horse Mask

5'H (including fringe) x 16"w (front) stands 2'10" from wall. Buffalo and smoked deer hide, hand sewn with sinew, glass beads, antique buffalo horns

Tipi Cover (Lakota)
3'11'H x 6'9"W Smoked tanned deer hide, hand sewn with sinew, glass beads, tipi cover backed with Army blanket.

Michael J. Guli Designs/ River Crossing Inc.

For over 44 years, I have specialized in designing and making historically inspired clothing and accessories, predominantly of deerskin and American bison/buffalo, for movies, performers, museums, and all those who seek quality Old West styles. My background as a professional artist gives my designs a distinction not often found in leather clothing, making them beautiful as well as functional. Honors: Western Design Conference, Jackson, WY 2016 “Best Artist in Leather” 2016 “Sunny Tuttle Spirit Award” 2017 Artist Judge 2018 “Western Spirit Award”
Michael J. Guli
Michael J. Guli Designs/ River Crossing Inc.
Bellvue, CO

Current works

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American Bison/Buffalo Coat

Our coats are made of the finest winter American bison/buffalo hide. The longest, thickest fur is used on the collar to provide maximum protection from the weather around your neck. A Michael J. Guli Designs bison coat will not only bring you admiration and awe but will also provide you with the ultimate in warmth and comfort.

Buckskin-Deerskin Native American Wedding Dress
Our deerskin dresses are influenced by styles worn by women of Native American tribes of the Old West. When making dresses, these women would add beautiful touches of beadwork, painting, and fringe. We make our dresses from the finest deerskin for strength, beauty, and softness. All fringe is hand cut, and we only use glass beads, no plastic! Dresses can be worn belted or loose and are typical of the design worn by Plains Indian tribes. Contact us regarding your own custom details.
Long Painted Metis Coat
Our leather Metis-influenced coats show the influence of two different worlds, combining the cut and fit of men’s European designs with the creative qualities of the Native people, who often decorated their pieces with painted or beaded floral or geometric patterns. Our coats are made of the finest deerskin for durability, comfort, and beauty and are a wonderful example of the artistic interaction of two different cultures.
Split Riding Skirt

Beginning in the late 1800’s, split skirts were worn by Wild West Show performers and early rodeo performers and contestants. Not only are our split riding skirts decorative, they are practical and afford the rider much needed protection, as well as making a great current fashion statement. Our hand-made skirts are made of high-quality deerskin for comfort, beauty, and durability.

Mid-length Buckskin Coat
In the second half of the 1800’s, a unique character could be found in the American West – the Scout. Kit Carson, Buffalo Bill, and Wild Bill Hickock are just a few of the most famous of these highly skilled and highly paid professionals. These men needed garments that were practical and durable, yet decorative, as they were known as much for their flashy way of dressing as for their bravery and adventures. Our medium length buckskin leather coats make just as strong an impression today as the ones worn by these legendary Scouts.
Hand Painted Early American Frock Coat
This unique hand-painted early 1800’s-style frock coat is dedicated to the intertwining of the cultures of the explorers, trappers, traders, and Native tribes of this period of the American West. In tribute to the Mountain Men who intermarried with Native American women, this coat is cut in the European style, but made of deerskin and hand-painted with decorations and patterns from both his culture and her own tribe. May we all be influenced to create beauty from our cultural differences. The original of this coat won the “Western Spirit Design” award at the 2018 Western Design Conference.

Ross Custom Leather

My field of interest is custom leather design. I am especially interested in braiding. I manually stretch, cut, split, and bevel leather to ensure a tight, straight, and smooth braid. Leather braiding, a traditional trade, transforms everyday objects such as gear, accessories, jewelry, and interior items into works of art.
Bead - Necklace
Anne Ross
Ross Custom Leather
P.O. Box 577, Blackstone, Virginia, 23824, United States

Current works

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Bead - Necklace
24/32 Braid Kangaroo Leather Romal Reins

1,740 feet of leather, 127 visible buttons, alligator leather popper

Price Upon Request
Alligator Leather Cuff Bracelet
Alligator leather cuff, kangaroo leather button, silk thread hand sewn
Price Upon Request
20/24 Braid Kangaroo Leather Romal Reins
1,344 feet of leather, 123 visible buttons, hand sewn popper
Price Upon Request
Braided Kangaroo Leather Bangle Bracelet

Black kangaroo leather braided over a silver plate bangle bracelet. Interior dimension 2 5/8". Width 3/8".

Price Upon Request

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