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Andreas Tsagas
A. Tsagas Designs
Denver, Colorado

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Beltshazzar Jewels

Theresa’s vibrant outlook is an expression of her life experiences. A modeling career in Europe eventually brought her to London where she apprenticed under a jewelry designer, learning essential skills. Beltshazzar Jewels is a tribute to life and the beauty that surrounds us. A sophisticated collection of handmade jewelry and leather accessories that sweeps a woman effortlessly from day to night, and from urban to outback. Each one-of-a-kind piece is designed to be a treasured companion along the everyday journey that we call LIFE. #AdornmentsForTheVoyage
Theresa Wangia
Beltshazzar Jewels
Saint Louis Missouri

Current works

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Femme ll

Tibetan Tusk on black leather and chunky layered brass chains

Femme lll
Carved Black Antler on black woven Elk leather on pure brass layered chains
Femme lV
Rectangular Ocean Jasper on chunky brass chain
Femme Vl

Horn/tusk brass + leather cuff bracelet

Femme Vll
Carved double horn bone pendant leather statement necklace
Femme V
Green Agate pendant on brass layered chain necklace

Elyse Allen Textiles

I make fine cashmere accessories- hats, studded scarves, ruanas, ponchos and gloves. I love mix cashmere yarns, to play with color and pattern, and to make them all explode a little bit with refined sparkle and gleam.
Elyse Allen
Elyse Allen Textiles
1600 Lena Street, Suite F4 , Santa Fe New Mexico 87505 United States

Current works

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Chanterelle Ruana

Scottish Cashmere Heavy Weight Ruana with Swarovski Crystals in 'Chanterelle'

Cashmere Stingray Gloves
Scottish Cashmere and Swarovski Crystal Cropped Stingray Gloves in 'Electric Blue'
Cashmere Heavyweight Ruana
Scottish Cashmere Heavy Weight Ruana embellished with Swarovski Crystals in 'Black'
Cashmere Tissue Weight Ruana

Scottish Cashmere Tissue Weight Ruana embellished with Swarovski Crystals in 'Assam'

Cashmere Lattice Poncho
Scottish Cashmere Lattice Poncho with Swarovski Crystals in 'Indigo'
Cashmere Constellation Poncho
Scottish Cashmere Constellation Poncho embellished with Swarovski Crystals

JW Bennett

Sarah is a multi-generational Wyoming girl! Growing up on a ranch in eastern Wyoming, she learned the importance of strong values, connection to the land and pure grit. Her hats, and the passion that fuels their creation, are a reflection of her classic style and cowboy heritage.
Sarah Kjorstad
JW Bennett
Jackson, Wyoming & Park City, Utah

Current works

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100 % Dress weight beaver in bone, custom elk leather and bone band detail, hand embroidered crown detail

The Mint
50/50 western weight in willow. Teardrop crown. Hand beaded "Landon" hat bands. Elk leather detail. Hand embroidered crown detail.
50/50 western weight in Sahara. Kettle curl, distressed, vintage hat ribbon. Hand embroidered crown detail.
Evil Eye Blue Band

Hand beaded hat band. 19" long. Elk leather accent and sterling-silver slide closure.

Teton Hat
100x dress weight in bone. Hand beaded hat band. Elk leather accents and hand embroidered crown detail.
Granite Tree
100x dress weight in granite. Hand beaded "Trees" hat band. Hand embroidered crown detail.

Jypsy Soul Designs

Our Riding Ponchos and Capes are individually handcrafted, making each a unique creation with deep roots in our Equestrian and Old West traditions. Made with all-natural materials, our Ponchos and Capes start with authentic Pendleton Wool, are trimmed in hand striped leather and finished with natural deer shed or buffalo horn toggles to bring it all together. And never doubt that these beautiful pieces are made in the USA.
Jen Hegeman
Jypsy Soul Designs
Draper, UT

Current works

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Los Ojos

Hooded Riding Poncho in Los Ojos

Riding Poncho in White Sands
Price Upon Request
Up River Dance
Hooded Poncho in Tony Hatch Up River Dance
Riding Poncho in Glacier Park

Price Upon Request
Riding Poncho in Harding Black & Tan
Price Upon Request
Riding Poncho in Brave Star
Price Upon Request

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