Elevated Living

elevated living
Elevated Living
Jackson, Wyoming

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Beargrass Leather

Samantha Dankert
Beargrass Leather
Lakeside, MT

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Handbag - Clothing
Florence in Ivory and Taupe Brindle

The Florence Tote is far from a "basic tote." This bag is made of a gorgeous taupe cowhide and supple ivory leather. This bucket tote has loads of character. It is lined in taupe pigsuede for an elegant tonal effect. Hand-stitching flanks the center of each gusset with Beargrass Leather's signature crossing, saddle stitch. With a spacious 6" structured bottom, it will hold everything you need for the store, a dance recital, or the beach. With solid brass hardware and a reinforced handle, this tote will add character yet look amazing for years, if not decades. This bag is equipped with an 8" wide x 6" tall inner pocket.

Handbag - Shoulder Bag M
Thelma in Deep Rust
The Thelma bag is a tribute to women that like to go their own way. This hand stitched handbag in a deep rust/burgundy leather with ivory thread is sure to be a favorite. A classic shape with versatility, the Thelma Bag is a striking piece sure to add whimsy to your wardrobe. A tribute to classic design and western aesthetics.
Handbag - Product
Persephone in Greige
The Persephone in Greige is the happiest neutral you ever did see! Stone suede and smooth taupe leather perfectly accent the depth of the floral motif. Hand stitched in chocolate brown and topped with two taupe tortoise ring handles. A gorgeous statement bag!
Handbag - Shoulder Bag M
Sadie in Stripes

The Sadie Petite Handbag is the slightly smaller version of our Sadie. However, this version has a set of faux tortoise handles at the top. The leather is made up of Rust/Burgundy as the main color with Navy suede, Honey Bison, Ivory, and Olive stripes. Each stripe is handstitched to the next from seperate pieces of leather. Lined in cream pigsuede, this bag is a true one-of-a-kind. The bag is spacious and durable. Four solid brass feet help protect the bag and keep it stable when set down.

Tote bag - Handbag
Isabelle in Leopard
The Isabelle is a luxurious custom design from Beargrass Leather. It is made of leopard printed cow hair leather with the gussets, back and handles constructed from supple Essex leather. To top it off, the Isabelle is fully lined in cream colored leather. With a leather tote or shoulder-bag this nice, it's great to know that our hand-stitching is durable enough to last a lifetime. The Isabelle you buy will be the Isabelle you see for this listing. Due to the uniqueness of the natural pattern of the hair, each Isabelle will have its own listing.
Handbag - Textile
Zoe in Assorted Suede
Handmade leather goods using old-world techniques, hand-stitching, lining, edge paint, hair on hide, American bison, cowhide, suede, wool, etc. Specializing in handbags, select clothing, and accessories that symbolize the modern west

Beltshazzar Jewels

Theresa’s vibrant outlook is an expression of her life experiences. A modeling career in Europe eventually brought her to London where she apprenticed under a jewelry designer, learning essential skills. Beltshazzar Jewels is a tribute to life and the beauty that surrounds us. A sophisticated collection of handmade jewelry and leather accessories that sweeps a woman effortlessly from day to night, and from urban to outback. Each one-of-a-kind piece is designed to be a treasured companion along the everyday journey that we call LIFE. #AdornmentsForTheVoyage
Theresa Wangia
Beltshazzar Jewels
Saint Louis Missouri

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Femme ll

Tibetan Tusk on black leather and chunky layered brass chains

Femme lll
Carved Black Antler on black woven Elk leather on pure brass layered chains
Femme lV
Rectangular Ocean Jasper on chunky brass chain
Femme Vl

Horn/tusk brass + leather cuff bracelet

Femme Vll
Carved double horn bone pendant leather statement necklace
Femme V
Green Agate pendant on brass layered chain necklace

Brian Boggs Chairmakers

Brian Boggs
Brian Boggs Chairmakers
Asheville, NC

Current works

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Boggs Backgammon Board

The Boggs backgammon board is truly a marvel; it pushes the limits of design while paying homage to game’s 5000-year history. But most importantly, it allows for a gameplay experience unlike any other. As opposed to other boards, with a rounded edge and square playing surface, ours is entirely rounded. The effect this has on the game is substantial. The field is much larger than the typical board, measuring 30”, allowing for more of a tournament-style play, where there is more room for the dice to be thrown, for that delightful chaos to be rendered.

Price Upon Request
Herron Dining chair
With your comfort in mind, Brian Boggs designed this upholstered chair to support you exactly where and how you need support. Luxurious and light, the simple lines of the Herron chair pair well with traditional, modern or contemporary interiors. Suitable for the dining room as well as living room lounging, this comfortable chair serves elegance wherever it lands. A solid structure backs up this padded seat covered with our fabric, specially selected for its complement to the wood species. You may also customize further by selecting your own fabric. Combining thirty-eight years of chair design with his extensive knowledge of ergonomics, Brian Boggs presents his innovative twist on the upholstered chair, the Herron chair. Please enjoy.
Price Upon Request
Sunniva Swing
Elegantly comfortable, our deluxe porch swing cradles you for ultimate relaxation. Inspired by the flowing curves of Asian timber frame architecture, the design fits seamlessly into your outdoor destination. When attached to its optional cantilevered stand, the swing sways on silent bushings to allow for uninterrupted contemplation of your landscape. Premium wood selection and precision joinery contribute to the weatherproofing of this functional masterpiece of garden architecture.
Price Upon Request
Cio rocker

Enjoy the embrace of the Cio Rocking Chair. Allow it to cradle you, following your form as precisely as possible from the top of the back to the front of the seat. With slats that conform to the thoracic and lumbar curves in three dimensions and an innovative seat which removes pressure, consider this your most heavenly place to recline while visiting, reading or relaxing with a glass of wine.

Price Upon Request
Crescent table
In our Crescent Table, a play of curves elevates the round top in an elegant reflection of nature, grounding the dining surface solidly while allowing maximum leg room. The Crescent table is a round pedestal dining table. Square rooms, intimate spaces, and impressive meeting rooms all benefit from the inclusivity of this circular table. Create a unique meeting or dining experience for your guests.
Price Upon Request
Ambroisa Maple Lily bar stools
Our Lily bar stool features a sculpted seat and back to generously support the human body. The result of decades of ergonomic study, this bar stool assists your body as it finds perfect posture. Adaptable to a low counter or custom bar, this contemporary stool adds a sophisticated element to any dining or kitchen space.
Price Upon Request

Brian Crandall Unique Metal Art

All my work is hand forged via hammer and anvil. I create functional and decorative art with up cycled horseshoes from my farrier practice in Western Colorado and Eastern Utah. No two pieces are ever identical. Custom creations are always available.
Brian Crandall
Brian Crandall Unique Metal Art
970 260-6411
Loma, Colorado

Current works

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Wine Truck

A 5' long truck silhouette capable of holding 6 bottles of wine made from recycled horseshoes and farrier tools

A 4.5' long horse posed in a sling stop
Big Horn Battle
7' long silhouette with 3D horns
The Cowboy Rides Away

2.5' long made motorcycle made from recycled horseshoes and farrier tools

Silent Sentry
full scale horse bust made exclusively from used horseshoes
Cottonwood Coffee Table
The most unique coffee table constructed of an overturned cottonwood stump cradled by horseshoes with a glass top allowing for depth of the wood to accentuate this functional conversation piece

Dr. C's Designs

James Ciaravella
Dr. C's Designs
6030 Line Ave. Shreveport Louisiana 71106

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Custom belts

all made to order in a variety of styles

Price Upon Request
Bronze of Joseph Mediicne Crow measures 18 inches tall on black walnut and granite base that measures 11 1/2 x 11 1/2 inches. Limited edition of 20
Joseph Medicine Crow - Bronze Sculpture
Bronze, painted bronze and horse hair, 22” tall, rotating black walnut pedestal. Limited edition of 35. The last of the war-time chiefs.
Price Upon Request
Medicine Crow

Bronze,noted Crow warrior and chief, grandfather to Joseph Medicine Crow, 14" tall on black walnut base

Buffalo Horn Fireplace Stool
Measuring 19"x12" and 15" high, this stool is supported by polished natural American Bison horns(caps).
Joseph Medicine Crow - Giclee
Enhanced Giclee, 12" x 16", framed.

Elyse Allen Textiles

I make fine cashmere accessories- hats, studded scarves, ruanas, ponchos and gloves. I love mix cashmere yarns, to play with color and pattern, and to make them all explode a little bit with refined sparkle and gleam.
Elyse Allen
Elyse Allen Textiles
1600 Lena Street, Suite F4 , Santa Fe New Mexico 87505 United States

Current works

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Chanterelle Ruana

Scottish Cashmere Heavy Weight Ruana with Swarovski Crystals in 'Chanterelle'

Cashmere Stingray Gloves
Scottish Cashmere and Swarovski Crystal Cropped Stingray Gloves in 'Electric Blue'
Cashmere Heavyweight Ruana
Scottish Cashmere Heavy Weight Ruana embellished with Swarovski Crystals in 'Black'
Cashmere Tissue Weight Ruana

Scottish Cashmere Tissue Weight Ruana embellished with Swarovski Crystals in 'Assam'

Cashmere Lattice Poncho
Scottish Cashmere Lattice Poncho with Swarovski Crystals in 'Indigo'
Cashmere Constellation Poncho
Scottish Cashmere Constellation Poncho embellished with Swarovski Crystals