Zees Zee Haag

Zee Haag


Juried Artist

Zee Haag
2990 E. Michigan St.
Tucson, Arizona 85714

Artist Description

Zee Haag started mining, buying and selling precious gems and minerals before his 18th birthday. After over 40 years of being one of the biggest names in the gem and mineral world Zee has emerged into the international art scene. Drawing his inspiration from nature, dreams, religion and myth he is able to incorporate his love for gems with his artistic talent. While the process of the work had to be refined through trial and error because of the technical and precise nature of working with natural minerals and metals, the concepts were always very clear to Zee. Never before has an artist been able to take what nature has provided as a natural art and re-purpose it into a refined expression of life and matter.

Zee Haag has been featured in Lapidary Journal, Tokyo International Mineral Publication, the cover of Munich Gem and Mineral Publication and a featured guest on Jewelry Television. His work is displayed at; Earthfire Gems Gallery (Santa Fe, NM) Rare Earth Gallery (Cave creek, AZ) , Gem Stone Art Gallery, (Knoxville TN), JTV virtual gallery (Knoxville TN) , Mariposa Restaurant, (Sedona AZ). To view more art please visit our facebook page Zee’s Minerals.