Whispirit/Whispering Spirit Alpacas Sandra Liggett and Lee Liggett

Sandra Liggett and Lee Liggett

Whispirit/Whispering Spirit Alpacas

Juried Artist

Sandra Liggett
125 Entranosa Rd
Sandia Park, New Mexico 87047

Artist Description

Whispirit is an amalgam of our alpaca ranch name “Whispering Spirit Alpacas” and the audaciousness of our dreams to create a successful art wear apparel business as an encore career — “whisper it”. In 2008 the Liggetts bought a 10 acres property in New Mexico, purchased three alpacas, two great Pyrenees and began to dream of switching from careers as attorneys to creative encore careers as artisans. They now have almost 40 alpacas and both Lee and Sandy make fabric on the premises. Sandy designs the line and overseas hand sewers to create unusual one of a kind felted art wear.