Montana Dreamwear Celeste Sotola

Celeste Sotola

Montana Dreamwear

Juried Artist

Celeste Sotola
PO Box 178
Basin, MT 59631

Artist Description

Located and created in the Rocky Mountains of Montana, Montana Dreamwear presents to mavericks and maverickas alike an extraordinary wearable-art couture collection inspired by dramatic mountain storms, wildflower meadows, quivering quaking aspens, and the sweet scent of alpine firs. Celeste Sotola has expanded her repertoire to include Montana Dreamwear Bride, a collection of fine-art couture gowns, hats, veils, and accessories for the contemporary bride. Montana Dreamwear is a romantic language of attire capturing the mysticism of the Great American West. These sensual gifts of nature will arouse a love of what you wear and inspire you to “wear the way you want to live.”

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