Dineh Couture Michelle Silver

Michelle Silver

Dineh Couture

Juried Artist

Michelle Silver
3800 W. Chandler Blvd. #1156
Phoenix, Arizona 85226

Artist Description

Upon completing her degree in Fashion Design, Michelle Silver has been a Phoenix- based Navajo Designer since 2004.
Her designs arise from a unique enthusiasm from Pendleton blankets. Drawing inspiration from the Navajo tradition and modern fashion. Her label, Dineh Couture, reflects elegance, tradition, and contemporary design. Her line emphasizes the female figure, making the classic Pendleton wearable as haute couture. Michelle was a feature designer for The Woman of the Navajo Calendar in 2009 (winner of the North American Indigenous Image Award). She was also runner up at the Santa Fe Indian Market 2013 clothing contest.
Michelle has spent 11 years in the interior design workroom industry as a seamstress, detailing Phoenix celebrities’ homes like Kurt Warner, Alice Cooper, and more. She has now embarked on her passion as a freelance Navajo designer.