Brian Boggs Chairmakers, Inc. Brian Boggs

Brian Boggs

Brian Boggs Chairmakers, Inc.

Juried Artist, Booth Exhibitor, Designer Show House

Brian Boggs Chairmakers
239 Amboy Rd.
Asheville, NC 28806

Artist Description

I don’t think up new designs.  They are already there waiting for me to find them. It is my calling to bring to life these forms, by paying attention to what my muse is showing me.  I love this experience of discovery and listening.  After decades of practice and study, I find my work usually takes the form of a chair or table. The creative process involved in bringing them about is focused on opening to what is coming in rather than thinking about what “I” might design.  Only when there is a balance of shapes, dimensions, and patterns of grain, creating a feeling of peace and comfort, is a design complete.